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Tue 14 Jan, 2020

#SimplyLikeMe – Maria Phan – Kettering

Its 2020! Its the a new year and we have a new #SimplyLikeMe!  Maria Phan attends our Simply Gym Kettering club and works with Frankie one of the personal trainers at the Club! Take a look at what Maria Phan said about her journey from this time last year and the incredible transformations which can happen if you stick past the first month! It also shows the positive factors a personal trainer can bring to your workouts and wanting to succeed the goals that you wish to aim for!

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I joined the gym since January ’19 and like the many other times before, I thought I would come every now and again then eventually give up. However this time was different, and one of the main reasons was because of Franky Tallett. Franky is a key PT and instructor at Simply Gym Kettering, and she has been such a great motivator and inspiration throughout my fitness journey. I am so grateful for the all training and support she has given me throughout the past few months.

I started the year by making healthier food choices and doing classes every now and again based on what I felt like at the time, but it wasn’t until I did PT with Franky which was when I started seeing real change, alongside switching up my nutrition with an online coach. Although nutrition contributed to 80% of the changes which I saw, the training with Franky as well as her classes was what really sped things along and I genuinely enjoy every class she runs, which includes Boxing, Kettlebells and Spin.

Franky would take my measurements, check up on me and not let me take any shortcuts, whilst answering every question I fired at her. She would make sure I had fun but worked hard!

She has been one of the main factors which has helped me continue my fitness journey and I have lost 2 stone and 4 pounds to date. I feel much more happy and confident in skin and that’s thanks to her. She has taught me core foundations of movement during training and given me invaluable knowledge which I can now incorporate during excising.

Although I still have a long way to go, i’m more determined now to meet my goals in 2020.

Make sure to have a look on our website for a gym local to you and what we have to offer! Memberships starting from just £16.99 per month! Visit: for more information!