Mon 24 Nov, 2014

Why You Should Start Your Day With A Work Out!

morning exercise
Exercise has long been known to have positive benefits for the mind as well as the body. A 30 minute workout every day improves your health and keeps you in tip-top condition, but fitting in your workout at the gym in the morning will bring you even further plusses, getting the most out of your workout and ensuring you don’t fall out of your routine.

Here are some of the most important benefits of working out in the morning!

Morning Exercise Means You Will Rest Better In The Evening

People who work out in the evenings rather than in the mornings tend to stay awake later at night as they find it more difficult to unwind. But if you work out in the mornings, you will sleep much better at night. Exercising in the AM hours kick starts the metabolism and helps keep it elevated all day. This means you will burn more calories even when you are sitting at your desk.

You Will Feel Great All Day

Daily workouts act as a diversion to stresses and increase self-esteem. You can reduce your muscle tension during a half-an-hour light workout and improve your mood due to the release of endorphins in your brain. Studies have shown that the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine affect the mood and anxiety levels. These hormones are released through increased secretion of opiates that occur during exercise.

According to research on the benefits of early morning exercise, you can help clear your mind and start your day with a clear perspective as you unwind and let go of your stressful thoughts.

You Will Have Fewer Excuses

Once you get into routine with your daily morning exercises, you will feel more alert and ready to take on life’s challenges at home or at work. In fact, your mental agility will be increased for up to 10 hours after you have finished your workouts. This is due to increased oxygen flow to the brain as exercise is known to act as a temporary thought-diversion to daily stresses.

People who go to the gym in the mornings are thought to interact better with others in social situations and are more in control of their lives. Exercising every day improves self-esteem and may even lead to alterations to brain neuro-transmitters.

If you find it difficult to get up early in the morning for exercise, try and go to bed a little earlier so you can wake up early. Once you get into routine, you will actually look forward to your daily morning workouts!

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