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Thu 28 Mar, 2019

#StressAwarenessMonth – Importance of Exercise

#StressAwarenessMonth occurs throughout April which highlights the implications and what the causes are of stress. Therefore, it is important to find ways in reducing stress.

Stress can come occur daily or over long periods of time, depending on the severity of the problem. Though stress can occur from many areas. We are focusing on work-related stress during #StressAwarenessMonth and how it can be improved by joining a local Simply Gym at:

Below we identify the causes which stresses at work occur and then indicated how exercise has been researched to show how to reduce stress.

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Work Related Causes

  • Previous research has highlighted around 500,000 individuals in the UK experience work related stresses which cause them to become ill. Therefore indicated the severity of the problem (Johnson et al., 2005, p179)
  • Main areas of stress come from the environment of the job eg. poor working conditions.  Furthermore, the development of career, which may lead to increase fear of job security. The relationships at work.  Similarly the decision making at work and the workload which maybe placed on an individual (Johnson et al., 2005, p179)

The positive impacts of exercise can have in reducing stress

  • Though exercise can give you physical changes, it can also help with your head. Research shows that exercise comes from neurochemical area, in such reducing the bodies stress hormones (Harvard Health Publishing. It also produces endorphins, which elevates your mood (Harvard Health Publishing, 2018).
  •  Provides time to get away from it all and meet new, like-minded people (Harvard Health Publishing, 2018). It will help to increase social interactions (Mental Health Foundation, 2013)
  • Research has  recognised that physical activity has promoted psychological well-being.  (Mental Health Foundation, 2013)
  • By partaking in physical activity it helps to improve sleep. Also in turn will increase productivity and concentration when at work, causing less stress (Mental Health Foundation, 2013)

These show the positive impact, physical activity can have on well-being and mental health, therefore reducing stress and leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Above all, make sure to head down to one of local Simply Gyms during #StressAwarenessMonth to kick start yourself to a more stress relief lifestyle.




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