Five Healthy Snacks Alternatives

Snacks… they can often be the best but worst thing we introduce ourselves to but we want you to try some alternatives. At Simply Gym we are aiming for you to try some snacks which will taste delicious (depending on preference..). But will also be a healthy alternative to typical packet of crisps. Dark Chocolate Our […]

I Am Strong Challenge – Strong Body Diet – June

This month, our I am Strong Challenge is about having a Strong Body Diet. This includes about including the relevant micro nutrients in order to increase and grow your muscle mass. As much as going to the gym is important, the major part of becoming happy and healthy is your diet. This month we challenge […]

Why Fruit and Vegetables Is So Important In Your Diet

In our latest blog we look at the importance of fruit and the positive impacts it can bring for your health and why we suggest it is a vital aspect of the daily diet. When you grow up often when your parents said make sure to eat your fruit and vegetables. There is often a […]

5 Seasonal Meal Prep Ideas

With the summer months fast approaching, more and more people are getting on a health kick, and looking for healthy, seasonal meals to experiment with. If that sounds like you, then fear not – we’ve got you covered. Here are five nutrient-packed summer recipes that not only taste great, but are easy to prepare and […]