Importance of Hydration

Hydration is everything. Think of this: Your muscles are 70+% water – How are you not drinking water during a workout? I get the whole. ‘Let’s challenge ourselves; let’s do that tough guy thing’ but at the end of the day, you’re under-performing – Gunnar Peterson It is a know fact that our bodies are […]

#SimplyLikeMe – Sharon – Kettering

Do not be afraid to lift BIG weights at any age. Our Kettering member, Sharon, shows us that it doesn’t matter what age, you can achieve anything Sharon is hitting a milestone age this year and will be hitting fifty looking and feeling amazing! Sharon contacted Franky, a Level 3 Personal Trainer and a Level […]

The importance of Foam Rolling

Often when working out. Many individuals forget about the most important aspect. Stretching and foam rolling. On #NationalFoamRollingDay we are highlighting the benefits that come with doing these simple exercises to ensure that your body fully recovers. ¬©Runners World Here are the benefits of foam rolling: Helps to increase blood flow. By focusing on key […]

Importance of Consistency – #NationalLoyaltyDay

With today being #NationalLoyaltyDay. We want to advise you on the importance of consistency and long term benefits joining the gym can bring! Scientific research has stated that the more consistent you are. The more likely you mental and physical health will improve (Cross, Gore and Morris, 2003). This is why at Simply Gym on […]

Maintaining Your Summer Body

Heading into the winter months, it can become difficult to maintain your summer body and stay motivated, especially once the days become shorter and the weather gets colder.

5 Ways to Leg Press

If you want to continually progress with your workout program, these will help take you there: If you are looking for ways to develop and adapt your leg day, then you should try out different foot placement variations on the leg press machine. High feet leg press Placing the feet higher up on the foot […]

Why Exercising Will Help with Exam Performance

For most students during the exam period, any hope of regular exercise goes out of the window. In its place falls lengthy revision sessions and high-stress levels. Although you may feel like you should be spending every waking hour preparing for your tests, the truth is that if you really want to fulfil your potential […]

Getting Started with Strength Training: The Pull Up

In the quest for building a strong, balanced body, there are a number of strength training exercises that tend to get left by the wayside. Perhaps none more so than the pull-up. For some, repeatedly hauling their body weight above the bar, in an attempt to develop a stronger back, may seem like a task […]

#SimplySound April 2016

Did you know that listening to music can increase your endurance when exercising? Research shows that music can help you push on through your workouts and distract you from “bodily awareness”, whether that’s from tiredness or recovering from leg day! Music is perfect for endurance-type activities and has been shown to improve energy efficiency and […]