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Mon 9 Sep, 2019

The Spooky Circuit Workout You Should Try on Halloween

Try out our Spooky Circuit workout

With it being halloween, make sure to check out a circuit you can complete by yourself or with your workout buddy, to keep away the scary ‘and incoming’ candy.

Spooky spider planks

First on the scary circuit workout, the spider plank. See if you can hold like a spider does with a 40 second plank. 

witch-like mountain climbers

Next on our circuit, try out some mountain climbers. See if you can do 30 as fast as you can!

Bat Star Jumps

Next up, is star jumps. By doing 30 of these you will start get a sweat on 

mummy sit ups

For the following exercise, add in 10 sit ups  and ensure that you complete the round

complete one after the other and have 1 minutes rest in each round. Complete three rounds

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