Weight Lifting in Swindon

From bodybuilding to Olympic lifting and from powerlifting and to Crossfit, there are so many reasons why you should give weight lifting in Swindon a go!

Gone are the days where weight lifting rooms are dominated by intimidating, testosterone filled teens. Weightlifting has become so much more accessible over the last few years. We are proud to say that our weight lifters in Swindon and at all of our Simply Gym locations, are diverse, welcoming and impressive.

Why try Weightlifting in Swindon:

If you are just getting started with weight lifting in Swindon, here are some strength training tips that may help you out:

  • Start light! We don’t encourage ego in our weight lifting section at Simply Gym Swindon, because we know that getting the technique right is so much more important than overloading the bar. In fact, weight lifting your bodyweight is a good place to start. Strength training or weight lifting is often done in order to use resistance to create work for your muscles, in order to become more toned, gain mass or to shed fat. This means the resistance you create by moving your bodyweight is actually a great way to gain more strength. Some of our favourite body weight lifting exercises include push-ups and squats, these are challenging exercises which build the foundation of many lifts. We have plenty of dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells and even bands you can use to add more weight to your weight lifting in Swindon sessions.
  • Introduce weight training slowly – you don’t need to weight train every day to get it right, initially 2 – 3 days a week is enough to get your body used to the stresses weight training puts on the body. Once you are feeling good with a 2-3 day plan, you can add more days in gradually. Weight training in Swindon is all about balance, so don’t forget your cardio or your rest days.


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How to Weight train in Swindon

      • Warm up! Don’t jump into something really heavy. Just because the weight may look small, don’t be deceived or pressured into lifting something that is heavier than what your body can withstand. Wake up those muscles by starting with very light weights, a good foam roll out and some stretches.
      • Aim for 10 reps and 3 sets per exercise. Form is more important than pushing heavy weights up, so make sure your technique is consistent. You should feel pretty fatigued by the time you get to the tenth rep!
      • Stick to the same moves each day when you’re starting out to build up a basic level of strength and muscle memory. Slow and steady wins the weight lifting race!
      • Stretch afterwards! Muscle soreness can really put you out and can be deceiving, so remember to stretch before and after to calming the body down and helping it to recover.

    Weight Lifting in Swindon

    Our Swindon weightlifting section is large and open. Although there are mirrors to help you keep an eye on that form, there are plenty of spaces throughout the gym where you can workout away from busy periods. All we ask is that you return the weights, please!
    Weightlifting in Swindon is fun if you want it to be. Each day is a new challenge and the feeling you will get after adding every 1kg onto that bar will make you feel on top of the world!
    Our PTs are always on hand to help, and even the most experienced weightlifters ask the PTs to ‘spot them’ during their sessions to ensure that they are lifting safely. If you aren’t sure whether weight lifting in Swindon is the right exercise for you, here’s a story from Beth who discovered weight lifting and has never looked back.

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