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Wed 16 May, 2018

Personal Training: What to consider when looking for a PT

There are many different reasons for training in the gym and everyone has different fitness goals they want to accomplish. From bouncing back into shape after having a baby or recovery, to training for an event, to even just wanting to feel better in yourself, there’s a variety of reasons why everyone goes to the gym! However, sometimes you may feel bored with the same routine, or just want something more specific to you gym session. That’s where Personal Trainers can come in. Personal trainers are commonly referred to as PTs in the gym world. They’re armed with the knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver one-to-one or (small) group training sessions. PTs are there to help clients achieve their fitness goals and possibly take them further by using their varying knowledge of health and fitness. There’s a spectrum of benefits to having personal training sessions, and they don’t always have to break the bank.


Having a PT can help you with your gym confidence. Whether you’re new to the gym or have been going for ages, working with a PT can help you feel more confident in performing moves, using machines and navigating the facilities. Once you’ve used the machines and perfected your routine, you’ll be able to tackle them even when you’re not having a PT session. Also, a boost in confidence means more determination, which can give you that push to stick at your training sessions for longer.


It can be hard to stay motivated when you’re exercising on your own in the gym. Having regular PT sessions holds you accountable, which is a motivator so you don’t let yourself or them down. They are also your own personal cheerleader when you’re exercising; they celebrate your progress and proper technique, which can be a real boost to you and your self-esteem.


How many times have you thought about going to the gym, but didn’t commit on the day, but rather said “tomorrow I’ll wake up and go to the gym”? When you have a PT, you’re held accountable for showing up for your workout session with them. They would never make you feel guilty for skipping your session, but they will want to ensure that your stick to your training and commit to your fitness goals. If you’ve scheduled your PT session into your diary, you’ll feel more inclined to go than if you were going alone.

Tailored Training

When you get to know your PT, they can understand your motivations and tailor your training programme to suit you and to help you achieve your fitness goals. They create a specific workout plan for you in order to meet your goals, needs and allowances for your physical condition and medical background. You’re already halfway there to achieving your fitness goals!

It’s Educational

PTs show you the how to execute moves, reps and exercises correctly during a training routine. Through demonstrating and spotting you throughout your session, they reduce your risk of injury and increase the movement’s efficacy. It’s likely that if you perform your moves properly, you’ll be able to replicate your training programme on your own when you’re not with your PT.

What to think about when considering a PT

There are a variety of PTs who have a wealth of knowledge in different areas of fitness and nutrition. PTs vary in terms of their:

  • Credentials
  • Experience
  • Personality
  • Philosophy

Each of our friendly and highly experienced PTs have so much to offer and are more than willing to help you achieve your goals, whilst tailoring them to your physical and medical needs. Why not try a training session with one of our friendly & encouraging PTs to help you on your journey? Check your local Simply Gym for more details on what their PTs have to offer to tailor your training sessions. They look forward to meeting you!