Covid-19 Safety: Your Questions Answered

19th July Update

As a result of the confirmation of the easing of restrictions, Simply Gym is removing some of the Covid-19 control measures, but, with the interest of our members health and safety in mind, keeping a few measures that have worked well.
For Simply Gym, that means the following changes will take place:
• Capacity control measures will be increased/ removed
• Class capacities will increase
• Social distancing on cardio equipment will be removed
• Sauna and Steam rooms will be back in action
• 'Direction of travel' around the gym will be removed
To maintain a safe exercising environment, we will be keeping the following measures:
• Continue to book on to all classes
• Spray bottle systems/bottle stations will remain - please continue to wipe down all kit before and after use
• Hand sanitising stations will remain
• Groups are advised to train in a maximum of 3 to avoid congestion on the gym floor
• Spacing between kit will remain (where possible)
We will regularly assess the measures in place and will not hesitate to reintroduce measures should the need arise.

WELCOME BACK! More information on your safety please see below.

Please use this link to freeze your payments:
Your account will be frozen automatically. Only contact your Simply Gym branch if you are having an issue with the freeze process.

Yes booking is required for classes. Bookings can be done through the membr app or member login on the website.

Questions About Your Safety

All gyms are back to their original opening hours, please see your local gyms page for these hours.

It is not mandatory but we are strongly encouraging the use of masks in communal areas.

We will be providing sanitising stations before and after you enter and leave the gym.

There is no limit but we would recommend avoiding peak hours where possible.

Yes you will still be able to have sessions with personal trainers as long as social distancing measures are adhered too.

Our software will include a link on our website showing live occupancy levels so you know when the gym is quietest and the most space will be available.

Yes you will need to book for classes.

You can either book in online through our member login on our website or download the Membr app (Blue M with white background). You will need your login details in order to access this.

Booking for classes will be available two days prior from 9:30pm to book.

This is very unlikely due to the large size of our gyms but to ensure safety for both members and staff numbers must be controlled. We suggest going to the gym at quieter times to avoid a chance of queuing.

We have increased our cleaning schedule across all our gyms. All staff will be trained to the highest standard to implement safety measures effectively.
If you have any concerns please email:

The changing rooms and showers will remain open but if possible, please come ready to train and leave without showering. By avoiding excessive time in the facility, the risk of CV-19 spreading will be reduced.

All air conditioning units have been cleaned and serviced. We are improving ventilation where necessary

Yes, please get in contact with your local gym and they will be able to extend the frozen period for you if you are not ready to come back.

We would love the hear your thoughts, please emails us

Yes day passes are now available to purchase on your local gyms membr system.

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