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Fri 24 Apr, 2015

4 Gym Classes For Beginners

If you are thinking about joining the gym but are worried about using the vast array of equipment, or perhaps you are not ready to start training independently, then there are other ways to ease yourself in so that you can become more familiar with your body and your surroundings before you go solo. Gym inductions and personal trainers are great for showing you the ropes but the support of friends or gym goers at a class can be just as beneficial and even more entertaining! So why not try these four gym classes for beginners that can kickstart your personal journey to a new and improved you:

Simply Spin

If your personality doesn’t scream extrovert then this class will be the perfect start to building up your confidence. Spin class can seem intimidating at first but the sense of autonomy involved means you are ultimately in control of your pace and limits which can give you peace of mind during your workout. It’s also great for beginners as there is no rhythm involved or complicated routines and you can decide what impact level is best suited to your abilities.


Do you love to dance and enjoy the social element of working out? Then choose Zumba! This exercise combines upbeat Latin music with a mix of aerobic moves and dance steps which makes this class more of a party than a workout. Zumba as a cardio challenge targets many areas of fat and is great for beginners as you tend to go with the flow, choosing what impact level you want to work at. This means you can (for now) avoid focusing intensely on specific body parts which may prove too challenging at first.


If you are looking for something that can improve your sense of well-being but are not interested in dancing around to the latest Latin beats, then Yoga is an option. Yoga is perfect for increasing flexibility and core strength, as well as peace of mind, which is paramount for any successful workout routine. As a beginner it will be great for improving your comfort levels but be sure to speak to your instructor if this is your first Yoga class experience.

gym classes for beginners



This class is great if you are specifically looking to tone up your body and also want to improve your strength, power and endurance. Beginners can choose the weights they want to begin at so you can start at a level you are comfortable with and increase weights as you improve.