Five Healthy Snacks Alternatives

Snacks… they can often be the best but worst thing we introduce ourselves to but we want you to try some alternatives.

At Simply Gym we are aiming for you to try some snacks which will taste delicious (depending on preference..). But will also be a healthy alternative to typical packet of crisps.

Dark Chocolate

Our first alternative is instead of milk or white chocolate, maybe have a look into dark chocolate. It has been indicated that has a high coco content which is nutritious. It also has been researched that dark chocolate can help to lower blood pressure. Furthermore, it has been indicated that by consuming dark chocolate it has the potential to reduce heart dieases from research

(Gunnars, 2018)


5 healthy alternatives

Mixed Nuts

Our next alternative is mixed nuts. These are good because they are rich source of health fat and therefore doesn’t contain the problem fats that come in package food. With this, research about mixed nuts has shown that it has lowered cholesterol and keep blood vessels healthier. Moreover, they contain important vitamins and minerals. Therefore are a good alternative, as within other snacks these vitamins may not be intaken.

(Nuts for Life, 2019)

Kale Chips

These are a very up and coming trend. These are a fantastic alternatives to crisps. It has been shown from research that Kale is one of the healthiest plant foods. Therefore, by having these as a snack, it would healthy alternative. Kale is a very good source of vitamin C. Moreover, it also reduces cholesterol which will help with your heart. It also is a good source of minerals, including calcium.

(Gunnars, 2018).


Our penultimate alternative is Apples. As they say. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It has also been proven from research that apples help with improving your brain functions. Moreover it has been research that it can help with reducing the risk of strokes.

(Nordqvist, 2017)

Cottage Cheese

Our final alternative is Cottage cheese. This can added with other healthy alternatives. Though it may not seem that healthy, the benefits which it can include are a very good source of calcium. Making your bones strong, leading to heavier weights being lifted…. Also it has been researches that it has with weight loss but it is a good source of protein.

(Pletcher, 2017.)


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