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Thu 9 Jan, 2020

Avocado – Whats their benefit?

Avocado, it’s a trend for sure, 10 years ago you would of never heard of anything like it. First fun fact. Did you know avocados are a fruit rather than a vegetable?!? Mad. This is mainly based on the aspect that it is because it’s a berry and its based on the botanical criteria for a berry [1].

Avocado, is nutritious and rich in vitamins [2]. Moreover its rich in fiber and healthy fats therefore making it a health benefiting addition to have in your diet [2].

There are a variety of different ways to incorporate avocado into your diet. From the general day to day avocado on toast, or through guacamole [3]. It is very much dependent on your preference. It is also indicated that through adding it to a salad you will be able to keep fuller for longer [3].

It is also interesting to know that avocados are higher in potassium than bananas [4]. By having potassium it is linked to reducing blood pressure. Moreover, avocados can help lower cholesterol [4]. With this, through its variety of health benefits there is a large benefit that avocado is easily incorporated into a diet and can be added in a variety of different ways [4]


*Please be advise this information is taking from research online and please consult a trained dietitian for advice on your food consumption*

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