What are the Benefits of Working as a Self-Employed Personal Trainer?

Starting out as a personal trainer can be very challenging and the level of work should not be underestimated, whether you are on an employed or self-employed contract. Until you build up a solid client base, the hours can be anti-social or unpredictable, and your income may not be consistent for many months as a self-employed personal trainer. Due to this fact, most freelance personal trainers rely on other jobs or other streams of income when starting out.

However, hard work reaps rewards and if you put the time, effort and passion into your personal training business then the success will follow. Personal training is up there as one of the most rewarding careers and when you see the client results then the hard work will all be worthwhile!

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Here are some advantages to working as a self-employed personal trainer:

    1. Flexibility: You are your own boss and can therefore choose your own working hours.
    2. Unlimited holiday: Despite being unpaid, if you put in some extra hours then going on holiday isn’t an issue. Plus you aren’t limited to the number of days off you can take!
    3. Uncapped salary: You are responsible for your own income and can charge the amount you see fit.
    4. Incentives: You are in charge of your own promotions or offers.
    5. Multiple work places: You can work as many, or as few, hours as you choose. This leaves flexibility to work elsewhere if you have other areas of interest.
    6. Your choice of marketing: You can market yourself as much as you wish and however you wish, therefore giving you the option to build up a great following!
    7. Freedom: You have more choice when it comes to training clients and choosing your niche. Many self-employed PTs find a specialism that they are interested in and find enjoyment from working with that area of training.
    8. CPD: You have the option to upskill whenever you choose in whatever area you choose. By attending further courses you can increase your offering and expertise. If you choose to become qualified in a certain group exercise class, you may be also able to teach that class at your gym in return for a lower rent and opportunity to gain more clients.

As much as you should market yourself as a personal trainer in your facility, you should also try to reflect the brand values and ethos of the gym you are based at every time you are representing them. If you buy into the brand then your clients will too and they are more likely to keep returning.

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Even though you are self-employed, your gym should still offer the support you require, as well as making you feel like part of the team. At Simply Gym, we value our sense of community, so if you feel as though you need some extra support or guidance then don’t be afraid to ask! We want to help everyone to reach their potential and support them through their career journey as a personal trainer.

Is there anything you feel that we are missing in order to provide a great Personal Training offering? If so, please do get in touch and we will see what we can do to help! #Simply Support

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