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Fri 11 Mar, 2016

Success Story: Gavin Holmes


This year, one of our personal trainers is embarking on a truly inspirational journey. Gavin, a PT at Simply Gym Chesterfield who intermittently suffers from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), will be raising money for charity through a series of runs and marathons. Calling it his “year of challenges”, Gavin is ramping up his efforts to raise awareness and funding for the charity Action for M.E.

What is M.E?

M.E is a chronic illness that most commonly affects the nervous and immune systems. Defined as a neurological illness, people suffering from M.E experience severe, long lasting fatigue when their body exerts even the smallest amount of energy. This inability to recover from physical exertion can also cause a wide range of symptoms that are painful and debilitating.

The Year of Challenges

As someone who has experienced the unpredictable effects M.E. can have on physical activity, Gavin has fought to gain a sense of normality in his life by continuing to keep active and improve his fitness levels. To help raise awareness for M.E., Gavin is planning to run a total of 9 races throughout the year, ranging from 10k (which he successfully completed last month!) to ultra-marathons, mostly local to Chesterfield and the east Midlands.


Gavin’s next challenge will take place at Grindleford Gallop in the Peak District next Saturday, which covers 22 mies of mixed terrain. Despite the fatigue associated with his illness, Gavin has noticed the positive effects of the endorphins released during his training sessions, which has spurred him on to keep pushing forward!

To keep up to date or to find out more about Gavin’s fitness journey you can visit his blog:

To show your support for Action for M.E, you can also donate to Gavin’s JustGiving page: