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Tue 11 Dec, 2018

The Key to Staying Simply Motivated

Do you get those Monday blues? Sad Tuesday thoughts? Or maybe you are just feeling very unmotivated to get into a workout Wednesday feeling? At times, these feelings can easily crop up and make you feel that little bit unmotivated to carry on. You may feel the need to comfort eat, to laze around or to skip some gym sessions.

We know that exercise is good for us and has numerous health benefits for our body and mind. Exercise can help ease symptoms of depressions and provides an effective mood boost because of the endorphins that get released. However, with the changing seasons, it can be hard to stay motivated in your gym regime especially when you feel like you are on a repeat cycle. There is no need to worry, we want to help you get back into your motivated mood so we have a few top tips that can help you to stay Simply Motivated.

Tip 1: Create a goal

Goal setting is one of the biggest motivators, it gives you something to work towards because you know that you will be better off in the end. Many people find having a goal that is realistic and trackable can actually help them to not only hit the goal but also go beyond the goal. They are likely to create new PB’s and build the adrenaline to keep on going. Above all, knowing they are doing it for themselves which is number one on the self-love scale. However, if you are the type of person that can struggle with goal setting, why not give yourself an incentive that you can work towards each day. Maybe it is having your favourite small treat after an intense workout. It could be a weekly incentive such as treating yourself to a new outfit on the weekend. Better yet, you can set a longer-term incentive such as jetting off on holiday if you hit your goal within 6 months or a year.

Tip 2: Try a Class

Classes are a great way to get your motivation kick going! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can help with your focus on what you want to achieve. It also develops a sense of community that you feel you want to be part of. You will gain people cheering you on which you in-turn can help them too. At Simply Gym, we have a range of classes that are open for all to attend no matter who you are. From Yoga to Pilates, Zumba to Spin and HIIT to Kettlebells you can have a range of classes to try on a daily basis. Be sure to check out your local Simply Gym for the class you want to try next.

Tip 3: Make some Friends

Having a workout friend can make such a big difference to your motivation to go to the gym. If you are new to the gym and looking to get started into an exercise routine that suits you a gym friend is key. A workout buddy won’t only make workouts fun but they could also hold you accountable which helps you to stay motivated. You could even bring your friend along with you to a class if it helps to ease the pressure of a new environment.

Tip 4: Get enough sleep

One of the most important keys to staying motivated is to get enough sleep for your mind and body. It is very hard to get through a working day if you are sleep deprived which then leads to you unmotivated to workout. Getting a restful sleep every night is so important in ensuring you feel energised, refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day. When exercise becomes regular so should your sleeping patterns too because you are using up more energy during the day.

Tip 5: Stay Consistent

Finally, as the saying goes “consistency is key”, sticking to a regular routine that suits you is vital to your motivation. Being fit is not about working the hardest you can take every day, it’s more about being consistent. Doing something regularly, and daily will help you to stay motivated. It may simply be a quick class, a run on the treadmill or a stretching session. With more people feeling they are busy with other activities, it can make it difficult to get into the mindset of consistency. However, this is not always the case, there are plenty of intense and quick workouts you can do at home. Some of which can be done in as little as 10 minutes and sometimes with no equipment required at all.