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Thu 1 Oct, 2015

A Guide: 5 Essential Tips When Choosing Your Gym Clothes

For some people, their choice of clothes to wear to the gym is nearly as important as the workout itself. For others, it simply falls on whatever is clean and laying nearby as they leave the house.

Today we’ll share with you some of our favourite gym attire, and some tips on how you can dress to maximise your workout.

Sport shoes and clothes on wooden background

1. Go for sweat wicking fabric

Great for: Keeping you comfortable and improving performance.

Your choice of fabrics for gymwear is pretty much endless, but our preference is something that draws moisture away from the body. Sweat wicking tops and bottoms help keep your body cool and dry during hard training sessions, allowing you to focus on your training. Extra points for a sweat wicking headband or bandana.

2. Get a good stretch

Great for: Allowing free movement.

The last thing you want to be when you’re blasting out a set of burpees is restricted. Aside from making your movements look and feel awkward, wearing tight clothes that don’t allow you any room for mobility will lead to a restricted range of motion your joints, posture issues and an increased risk of injury. Instead, we like to go for something light and stretchy that allows you to express full ranges of motion.

3. Embrace the compression gear

Great for: Providing support, enhancing recovery, and looking cool.

Compression gear is increasingly popular these days, and rightly so. Not only does it wick moisture away and allow for free movement, it can also provide a little extra support to your joints during dynamic movements, reducing the risk of you coming out of alignment. Plus, it helps to keep you warm during those dreaded winter runs… And for the ladies, as well as compression tops and leggings, sports bras come with varying degrees of support to keep everything aligned and comfortable during your training.

4. Think about your footwear

Great for: Protecting your feet and improving performance.

Again, there are plenty of footwear options, but it is important to select something that is suitable for your gait and foot shape. Although barefoot training is becoming increasingly popular, be sure to consult a professional before you decide to jump on board, and to transition gradually.

5. Don’t forget the accessories

Great for: Giving you that extra edge.

As well as your standard gym clothes, don’t forget your essentials – the gym towel, water bottle, and workout diary. Optional extras include MP3 players, fitness wearables, and workout snacks. Again, extra points for a headband or bandana…