#SimplyLikeMe – Tiffany Sibbald – Bedford – The mental and physical benefits of excerise

Our next #SimplyLikeMe story comes from Tiffany Sibbald, a member at Simply Gym Bedford!

She shows us the mental and physical benefits has brought to her: I joined Simply Gym Bedford just after it opened in January 2018. Starting like all the other people who had their New Years Resolutions to get fit. I weighed 62kg wanted to finally lose the extra baby weight that I had carried for 5 years and get myself back to a good level of fitness. For the first few months I mainly did cardio ranging from HIIT workouts to Cross Trainer and running on the treadmill. The weight slowly began to come off . It wasn’t until I started to incorporate weights into my workouts that I really started to notice a difference. I began to structure my workouts better, separating cardio and weights sessions. I also began the Body Combat and Boxing classes which I absolutely love and are great for cardio and general conditioning.

In September 2018 I entered a competition that one of the PT’s was running and was lucky enough to win 6 sessions with Joe Pittard.  He asked what I wanted to achieve from our sessions and structured them to include a range of different exercises with different equipment that I had never used before, like kettlebells.

One of my goals was to achieve an unassisted chin up. Within two sessions and with Joe’s guidance and strength building exercises, I achieved it!

I had also wanted to try deadlifts and the heavier squats with the barbell but was very apprehensive. I’d never done them before and had no idea about the technique. Joe included these in our sessions and I absolutely loved them and continue to do them both twice a week on leg days.

Between September and the end of the year was when I saw the biggest change in my physique. The frequent weights sessions had really begun to build muscle definition and I felt so much stronger. It’s an amazing feeling when you set yourself a goal and work hard and achieve it. Dedication and consistency pay off.

I currently weigh 51kg. Making my total weight loss 11kg, and continue to set myself new targets to keep my workouts interesting and keep me motivated. I still have regular sessions with Joe which I thoroughly enjoy. He pushes me to achieve my potential and is always so supportive and encouraging.

I’ve made so many new friends at Simply Gym and I absolutely love this lifestyle. I can’t imagine what my life would be like now without exercise. The mental and physical benefits are amazing. I’m feeling so much healthier and stronger now than I have in years. My journey still has a long way to go. I’m not sure in which direction yet but I’m looking forward to it.

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