Why Fruit and Vegetables Is So Important In Your Diet

In our latest blog we look at the importance of fruit and the positive impacts it can bring for your health and why we suggest it is a vital aspect of the daily diet.

When you grow up often when your parents said make sure to eat your fruit and vegetables. There is often a sigh or a grumpy face appears. Though now, as whatever age you are reading this. We want to highlight the importance of your parents suggestion.

fruit and vegetables

It has been indicated by a number of studies that by consuming fruit and vegetables can reduce mortality rates in cardiovascular diseases such as strokes (Liu, 2013,p3875). They also don’t include any unhealthy fats which a number of other products do. It also helps with reducing blood pressure from a number trails that have gone occurred previously.

To further this. Research has also shown that increase intake in fruit and vegetables shoes that you are more likely to lose weight (Harvard, 2018).

Interestingly also, fruit and vegetables can help reduce two eye related seaside including cataracts (Harvard, 2018). This shows the pro founding positive impacts fruit and vegetables can bring to your lifestyle. The research is still developing but shows the indications and importance of this food group.

The variety of meals that can be produce by fruit and vegetables are endless. Allowing for variety throughout the whole week of your meal plan. Means can range from avocado on toast for breakfast. To peppers in you fajitas for an evening meal. This shows the endless ways you can introduce this extremely important food group into your everyday. Leading to a more healthier lifestyle.

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Liu, R.H., 2013. Health-promoting components of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Advances in Nutrition4(3), pp.384S-392S.


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