Our Women in Fitness’s Achievements

Today we wanted to share some of our members’ inspiring fitness stories to encourage and celebrate Women in Fitness’s achievements.   Happy International Women’s Day!   Our aim is to support everyone to feel comfortable in the gym environment, which is why we: Provide ladies only areas at some of our gyms Ensure there’s always […]

International Women’s Day – Our Own Story

Happy International Women’s Day! Written by Connie Summerfield As Simply Gym’s latest recruit in the marketing department and a long-term member, I thought I’d share with you and celebrate my personal fitness journey to inspire more women to get into the gym and get fit. We all start somewhere and my journey into fitness really […]

How to Stay Motivated as a Mum: Hayley Woolnough

We spoke to Hayley our marathon runner about how she stays as a motivated mum each day to maintain her fitness regime. She gives us her top 5 tips that can help any mum who finds it difficult to make time to train. Hi, I’m Hayley, I’m a mum of 4 and I’ve been asked by […]

8 Top Family Friendly Festivals In The UK This Summer

It’s summer which can only mean..it’s festival season! But what are the best family friendly festivals to attend? When the schools break up for summer, as a parent it can be a tiresome task to conjure up a list of fun activities that will keep your little ones amused (for at least more than an […]

12 Tips for Exercising safely when Pregnant

The more active and fit you are during your pregnancy, the easier it will be to adapt to your changing body shape and natural weight gain as your baby grows. It will also ease the pain of labour and help you to easily get back into shape after giving birth. You can keep up your […]

She’s a Winner: Our Interview with Marathon Mum, Hayley

With the London Marathon 2018 just under a week away, we’ve been following one of our #SimplyFamily members on her training journey. Hayley Woolnough on as the days have been building up for the big day! Hayley’s been training at Simply Gym Cheltenham and has been fitting her marathon training around her busy life – with work […]

The mixed-up mum feels…

This week we are loving, stay at home mama blogger Casey @etchedinhome! Casey Huff, created Etched in Home to talk about the love, struggles, joy and heartache every mums feels. And it was just this month that she wrote a post online that sums up the ‘mixed up mum feels’ that should hopefully reassure you that […]

How Exercise can Help You Sleep Better

There are many different reasons why we might find it difficult to sleep. We might be restless thinking about daily stresses of life, have drunk too much caffeine, be disturbed by excessive noise outside… You end up clock-watching almost every hour in the dark – or checking your phone for social updates at 3am. Research […]

5 Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are proving one of the most popular fitness trends of 2018. These classes go beyond losing weight and gaining muscle; by offering physical and mental benefits, group exercise classes gives members the potential to achieve great results and improve overall health, while having fun. New and innovative formats of group exercise including CrossFit, […]

Ladies Only Gym Clubs: Celebrating the #SimplyFamily

We love our #SimplyFamily! We are committed to helping our members achieve and smash their fitness goals! However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable in the typical gym environment, and it can be overwhelming too! So we thought we’d celebrate some of the women in our #SimplyFamily and highlight how and where our female members can […]